Thursday, July 19, 2007

Ya! The Shoebox Swap Was a Success!!

I didn't think I was going to make it. I only had one day off in almost a week and a million and one things to do. Time was running out and I had not a thing made or designed. But God smiled upon me in a huge way. My "nice" boss (I have two) said I could be "sick." Now normally I don't even call in sick when I AM sick- but this was an emergency of epic proportions! Action had to be taken.

Here's the deal: I had signed up to participate in a Shoe Box Swap (for those who do not know what that is- it is where you design a card and then provide enough supplies and material for all the participants to re-create your card) in Williamsburg, VA. Then silly me also signed up for the optional 3-D swap. Now if you have ever read my blog (or even read the title) then you would probably be right in guessing that I work way too much to have time to do any of this (including my blog). So you may pose the question, "What was she thinking signing up for the optional 3-D swap??" Well, I threw caution and logic to the wind and said, "heck yeah!" I wanted all the cool stuff that would be swapped in return, what else can I say??

So two days before the SBS I found myself in quite a pickle. I had an idea for my 3-D swap, but nothing was started. I didn't have a clue what I was going to make for my card. I wanted to use items from the new SU catty (isn't it great?) but they would not be here until the day before the swap.....what to do? Well, I started on my 3-d swap but since it was also my only day off to do any chores or errands (did I mention that it was also my son's birthday?) I had to do those as well. So by the end of the day- I was barely started let alone finished. And I was EXHAUSTED. I mean I literally could not keep my eyes open. Here comes the part where my hero saves the day! My "nice" boss said I could be "sick" that Friday! He is so great- we should do a RAK for him!! I took the day off- and the morning I finished my 3-D swaps and by the time I was done with those- Mr. Brown had delivered my new catty stuff! YIPPEEEEEE!!!!

Thanks to my "nice" boss and Mr. UPS Man I completed everything and had a great time! We made so many cool cards and ate pizza. It was great to stamp with others (Jimmi, Cyndi and Jen are picutred but there were other great stampers there too!) and re-create everyone's projects. There are some very creative people in this world! Oh- the door prizes were great too! Here's a picture of the ones I won! The book and Post-it-Note holder were made by Paulette Martin- a fellow swapper and SU demo. Isn't she awesome?? The stamp set is a "bonus" door prize. I have not tried anything from My Favorite Things but I can't wait to use this set. Isn't it cute? I will be using it VERY soon.

Anyway- that is the big news for now! I will hopefully be stamping some more projects this week. I have my new sets to play with- and my friend just moved so I am going to make her some cards too.

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jpmayo said...

Yeah, it's updated!!
Looks like we had lots of fun:)