Monday, June 25, 2007

AAAAHHH! I tackled the mailman....

I tackled the mailman but all had for me was a coupon for baby diapers. ???? Is he trying to tell me something? (I don't have a baby.....) Anyway- we will try again tomorrow. Hopefully tomorrow will bring me my new SU catty- if not....I might go insane...(or moreso than I already am!!) hee hee heee......

Another day without stamping but not without anticipation!

Ok. I haven't had a chance to stamp and this time I can't blame it on work. Really, seriously- I can't. My boss even gave me an extra day off- but unfortunately the time has been taken up with household chores. My son is going to live with me FULL TIME this Summer and I have been working my butt off to get his room ready. I had to buy some furniture (still have to get him a desk) and I washed ALL his clothes for him...(aren't I nice???). Whew! I've been busy. And when I have had a spare minute- I have been too tired to stamp. BUT I haven't been too tired to think about it....... ;)

This morning I finally got a chance to sort through most of the new catty chatter. Wow! I might tackle the mailman when he gets here this afternoon.....SERIOUSLY!! I can't wait to see it. I am disappointed to hear that there is only that one single scallop punch- but I am sure I will still be ordering it. That just means I am going to have to keep stalking the Marvy Uchida punches... But I am so excited to see what we will be getting. Yippee!

I don't know what I am going to do when I get my hands on the new catty.......with my son living here my finances will be stretched even more.....but with my son living here.....I will need stamps even more than before! Yikes!! SSHHHHH...don't tell my accountant but I have already placed an order from the preview catty- and it will be here in TWO days. TWO days. (I know I said it already- I am just so darn excited!!) I will definitely post my creations as soon as I get time to make them!! (Alex, I know you are tired of peanut butter and jelly for dinner....but Mom has to stamp!! heh heh hehe!!) :)

Getting ready to go- but if there is actually someone reading this- check out the link to my trade on SCS. I need to get some new stuff!! What can I say- I am addicted. But it is better than being an alcoholic, right? No, it's not cheaper- just healthier. ;)

Friday, June 22, 2007

Working too much!

I have been working too much this week to stamp or blog! I won't post about how bad work is without posting something good about stamping so this will be a short post. But I did want to say how exciting it was to see that I had a comment on my post from last week that was NOT from my friend. Yippee! Someone actually looked at my blog. That was pretty cool.

Stay tuned...when I get a chance to stamp I will have some goodies to show you!!

Monday, June 18, 2007

Father's Day Card- FINALLY!

I finally got to stamp today and made my Dad's card for Father's Day. Yes, I am well aware that Father's Day was yesterday- BUT work and family issues have kept me from stamping table the past two weeks and I cannot bring myself to BUY a card. That would not be good enough for anyone now that I know the art of stamping. :)

Work has been actually relatively calm the past week, but my schedule is very confusing. I keep shifting back and forth from nights to mornings and I usually only have one day off in between. I literally cannot tell you what I work next week without looking at a calendar. So this week has not been different-but I am off tomorrow and I HOPE I get to stamp some more. It's too hot to do anything else!!

I have some new sets that I am DYING to play with. I really need some "me" time but that seems rare here lately. I used Lovely as a Tree for my Dad's card. I have also recently purchased Stipple Butterfly, Girlfriends, All Jazzed up and a few others I can't remember off the top of my head. It's sad when you neglect your stamp sets and you can't remember their names. I hope I don't get turned into social services and have them removed from the home!! hee hee! Oh- and it gets worse. I think I am going to trade some of my "children" (stamp sets) off in the SCS trade forum. I will keep you posted and let you know when I do!!

Hopefully I will have more to "talk" about tomorrow and have some cute cards to show you!

Thursday, June 14, 2007

I've been "tagged!"

I don't know what that means since I am new to the blogging world but apparently I have been tagged so I need to answer these questions in one word. So here goes:

Yourself: Stressed

Your Partner: ME

Your Hair: curly

Your Mother: Selfless

Your Father: Loved

Your Favorite Item: Ribbon!

Your Dream Last Night: Scary

Your Favorite Drink: Cabernet

Your Dream Car: Mine

Your Dream Home: Any

The Room You Are In: Living Room

Your Fear: Failing

Where You Want to be in Ten Years: Happy

Who You Hung Out With Last Night: Dixie

You’re Not: Blonde

One of Your Wish List Items: House

The Last Thing You Did: Type

You Are Wearing: Pajamas

Your Favorite Weather: Cool

Your Favorite Book: Many

Last Thing You Ate: Coffee

Your Life: Busy

Your Mood: Stressed

Your Best Friend: Me

What Are You Thinking About Right Now: Hitting (my ex-husband)

Your Car: Sonata

What Are You Doing At The Moment: Typing

Relationship Status: Single

What Is On Your TV: Nothing

What Is The Weather Like: Cloudy

When Is The Last Time You Laughed: Yesterday

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Finally got those cards finished- and I don't have a brain tumor!

Good news! My headaches are just regular old migraines. Bad news- they are just regular old migraines. Apparently after having my head examined- it is normal. (They should REALLY double-check that normalcy thing....) That is really good news but now I cannot blame everything I do wrong on my imaginary tumor that I named Henry. Oh well. I had a horrendous night at work last night- I was pretty much up all night talking to truck drivers. (that's my job, ya know...) I didn't get any sleep and then my very good friend called me and I had to pick her up this morning at the car service center. Even though I really wanted another hour or two of sleep- I got up to go get her because she would do the same for me. :)

Now onto some stamping stuff! :)

I finally made my niece's graduation card and decided which of my new creations would be my Mom's birthday card. Whew!

I made two cards with my new "almost favorite" set- Roses In Winter. (Bodacious Bouquet is still my FAV- thank goodness it's not retiring!) That is a really fun set to play with- I can't wait to use it again! I couldn't decide which one to send at first. The one with Cameo Coral I tried the Cracked Glass technique. The Brocade Blue card I made a scalloped circle using my coluzzle and the corner rounder punch. I have finally decided on the blue one for my Mom since blue is her favorite color!! Check them out and feel free to tell me if I made the right decision.

My neice's card was more difficult. I used the Framed Greetings set which really isn't my style but it has come in handy for things like babies, and - GRADUATION. I wanted to put Certainly Celery on black but I also wanted to write inside the card how proud of her I am so I made the Celery a little smaller and be the part that opens and mounted it on a card-sized piece of black CS. I used the Stars and Swirls Jumbo wheel and embossed it with Whisper White Craft Ink and white ep. I also used Dazzling Diamonds on the graduation caps- but that is mainly because I am addicted to ribbon and glitter and I didn't use any ribbon!! :)
If you want more details on the cards check out my Gallery on SCS!! (the BEST website EVER!!)
So I feel more relieved that those are finished- BUT I still have to make Father's day Cards! Where will I find the time????

Monday, June 11, 2007

Starting a blog....

I am starting a blog because that apparently is the 'thing to do.' I am not sure anyone wants to hear what I have to say but that's ok because Google say I can post it anyway. :)

I am a divorced single Mom with a very stressful and intense job. I love to stamp and I am a hobby demo for SU but my life seems to get in the way a lot.

At work I am a dispatcher for a fuel tanker company- which especially in the heat of summer travel season can be VERY stressful. I have one (actually two) co-workers that are making life unbearable (that's a post for another time...) at work but other than that- I LOVE what I do. I am good at it and it pays fairly decently. I don't have a college degree (some credits but no degree) so I really can't go anywhere else and make enough money to support myself. So let's all pray we get through the Summer "busy" season and I still have some sanity and my job.

My current stamping projects are......well I am really behind on them. My Mom's Birthday was on May 31st and I am still working on her card. It just has to be the best card ever. She is very sick and this may very well be her last birthday. So...not just any card will do if you KWIM.

I also have to make a graduation card for my niece. I am not really excited about that. There is nothing fun about a graduation card. You can't put flowers all over it. I do have a graduation cap stamp- but it's not girly, flowery and pretty! Oh well. I will get it done this week.

I will finish my stamping projects this week and I will tell you why. I went out this weekend with my friend Jimmi (who got me started on this whole blog business) and spent all my money. No, I haven't balanced my check book yet so I don't know how much money I "don't" have but I know enough to tell you that I will not be going anywhere for a week or two except to work and MAYBE the grocery store!! Yikes. Target and Michael's get you in trouble EVERY TIME!!! (and Bath & Body Works...NY & CO.....darn those semi-annual sales!!)