Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Friday Fun....on a Tuesday!

TGIT??  Ok, so Tuesdays aren't the same as Fridays, but today I have my Friday Fun Challenge project completed and I want to share it with you.  The challenge for Friday the 15th was to make a File Folder Notebook Holder since it's time to file your taxes.  I won't lie-- this was not an easy project but since I made it for a co-worker moving away, it was worth the trouble.  
Since we work at Smithfield Foods, I thought this paper in my stash from Ta Da was perfect with the little pigs.  Instead of making a separate card, I put an insert in the opposite side of the folder that everyone can sign.

I think it turned out pretty cool- what do you think?  It's not Friday but you can still stop by and give the rest of the Friday Fun Girls' some love- I'm sure they have something fun to see.  :)


Christi Snow said...

This is darling, Sherry! Definitely worth the wait! smiles...

Jimmi said...

This is really cute, you did an awesome job!
I am sure your co-worker loved it :)