Monday, June 11, 2007

Starting a blog....

I am starting a blog because that apparently is the 'thing to do.' I am not sure anyone wants to hear what I have to say but that's ok because Google say I can post it anyway. :)

I am a divorced single Mom with a very stressful and intense job. I love to stamp and I am a hobby demo for SU but my life seems to get in the way a lot.

At work I am a dispatcher for a fuel tanker company- which especially in the heat of summer travel season can be VERY stressful. I have one (actually two) co-workers that are making life unbearable (that's a post for another time...) at work but other than that- I LOVE what I do. I am good at it and it pays fairly decently. I don't have a college degree (some credits but no degree) so I really can't go anywhere else and make enough money to support myself. So let's all pray we get through the Summer "busy" season and I still have some sanity and my job.

My current stamping projects are......well I am really behind on them. My Mom's Birthday was on May 31st and I am still working on her card. It just has to be the best card ever. She is very sick and this may very well be her last birthday. So...not just any card will do if you KWIM.

I also have to make a graduation card for my niece. I am not really excited about that. There is nothing fun about a graduation card. You can't put flowers all over it. I do have a graduation cap stamp- but it's not girly, flowery and pretty! Oh well. I will get it done this week.

I will finish my stamping projects this week and I will tell you why. I went out this weekend with my friend Jimmi (who got me started on this whole blog business) and spent all my money. No, I haven't balanced my check book yet so I don't know how much money I "don't" have but I know enough to tell you that I will not be going anywhere for a week or two except to work and MAYBE the grocery store!! Yikes. Target and Michael's get you in trouble EVERY TIME!!! (and Bath & Body Works...NY & CO.....darn those semi-annual sales!!)

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jpmayo said...

Yeah, welcome to the blogging world:)