Friday, January 30, 2009

Wanna Hear a Funny Story?

Happy Saturday! I have a card and some pictures to show you along with a funny story......
I made this card because it reminds me of my parents who live in Arizona. This stamp is my first cactus stamp- I ordered it from Unity last month. I had also planned to use it as one of my Hip Hop projects this past Thursday however about ONE hour before the blog hop was to begin I realized that two of the stamps were no longer available so I couldn't use the card! Well I stamped like I never stamped before....Scraps were flying everywhere andI even dumped embossing powder all over the place- it was crazy! The dog and the cat were ducking for cover! But I managed to get a card made and posted in just the nick of time. I still wanted to show you my Western card, though and I figured that I should show you some picture of the giant mess I made.....however I did clean up some before I thought about taking pictures so it's not as messy as it was. :)

(The sentiment Go West is still available in the kit: Wanna Be a Cowboy)
My Cutter Desk after emergency card making:
You would never guess it but this really IS my dining room table....
And this is my main work area- where most of the crazy action took place:
And this is what my stamping area is supposed to look like. It was quite a clean up job plus I have moved all my un-mounted Unity into the green containers from Target. It definitely helps with organizing and saving space.
See- I can eat at my dining table now!! (Guess I can't use the table being messy an excuse not to cook anymore, huh?)

Yes, that really is my desk top you see! It does exist!!
Thanks for stopping by!! I hope you have a great weekend!


2 Worlds said...

Where in target did you buy that because I was looking for these green containers and could not find

Kim Muhl said...

Your card is amazing...too bad you couldn't use it, but I'm glad to see it now.

That's not a mess, that's just chaos. LOL Nice try, though. ;)

Tinker's Mom said...

You call that a mess? Your mess is my very tidy clean day. LOL!! I enjoyed the story and the card, none-the-less. I love that paper set from SU, too!

Jessy said...

Sherry, great card. LOVE it. and very funny story. glad to hear you got everything back to "normal." :)